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Ras Omelette

The one road side snack I miss the most is Ras Amlate (omelette). A delicacy found in Goa, I have not come across any other place where ras Omelette is served.  A simple yet addictive snack that can fill you up.Ras omelette

A freshly made omelette topped up with chicken, mutton or veg gravy known as Ras or Ros in Konkani and garnished with chopped oninions and some lime. A pau (bread) is handed out to go with it.  This dish was predominantly available only on push carts but off-late hotels have incorporated it in their menu’s due to it’s immense popularity. Among the hotels that serve Ras Omelette my favorite is Suje Graha. Tucked in a small by-lane near George garments it is a nondescript hotel so small that it can fit not more than 20 people at a time. Four at a table would be an inconvenience to all. But the food there is delicious. Next to Suje Graha is Roshni hotel which serves a decent Ras omelette. Madgao Cafe near the old fish market serves ras omelette too. These hotels serve this dish through out the day however the fresh hot steaming ras omelette served on pushcarts arrive only after 6 pm. Over the years these pushcarts have developed a regular clientele who prefer not to eat this dish elsewhere. Some of the famous one’s in Margao are at the Bus stand. Uma lo Gaddo, Ashok ‘a’ Gaddo and Ulhass Gaddo near bank of Baroda are famous. Gaddo in konkani means a pushcart and Uma, Ashok and Ulhass being the owners of these respective push carts. All these gaddo’s give you an option of Chicken or Mutton Ras and on Mondays you can get the “Shivrak” or Veg gravy on your omelettes. you have an option of replacing the omelette with scrambled egg known as bhurgi or with a half fried egg or fully fried egg.

The standard Ras Omelette comes with a helping of “Pau” Portuguese for bread. However you may opt for a Polee or Kharti “pau” both of which are made of the same dough but are different in shape texture and the crust.

Cost of this dish does not exceed Rs.25/-

A steamy hot Ras omelette on a rainy day can make your evening gratifying.

So the next time you visit Goa along with the fish, beef and pork delicacies of Goa don’t miss out on the humble yet tasty Ras Omelette.


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